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PowerObjects - B2B Lead Generation Client
Microsoft Corporation - B2B Email Marketing Client
Intranet Connections - B2B PPC Advertising Client
NexTec Group - B2B Content Marketing Client
Neural Impact - B2B Website Design and Development Client
1ClickFactory - B2B Content Marketing Client

Hear From Our Happy Digital Marketing Customers

“Erica is by far, the most qualified person I have been working with for Marketing Content Development over the past 4 years that I have been at Gestisoft. Moreover, she has deep knowledge of the Microsoft Solutions ecosystem (Partners, customers, competitors) and, she also has marketing expertise, strong writing skills and a creative mind.”
Catapult ERP - B2B Marketing Strategy Client

Stephane Poirier
Marketing Director, Gestisoft

Intranet Connections - B2B SEM Paid Advertising Client

Rob Nikkel
CEO, Intranet Connections

“After having the fortune of working closely with Erica at Intranet Connections for a few years, I was eager to keep her involved in our company as she transitioned to found Maven Collective Marketing. I witnessed Erica’s strengths to think strategically, and take a big picture view working on our company’s leadership team. Erica excels in all areas of her life, and has an infectious laugh to boot! If you get a chance to work with her and Maven Collective Marketing, take it!”
“Erica is a seasoned digital marketing professional with a strong passion for B2B technology. She offers deep domain expertise, a pragmatic approach, and a strong results orientation to deliver on marketing initiatives. Erica also has a unique ability to challenge the status quo and conventional thinking to find creative and constructive solutions.”
Catapult ERP - B2B Marketing Strategy Client

Elliot Fishman
CEO, Catapult

Nextec - B2B Content Marketing Client

Artur Pawlak
Founder, Slngle Digit Labs

“Erica at Maven Collective Marketing is easily one of the best writers/marketing consultants I’ve worked with over the past 15 years. She has an excellent ability to match a company’s “voice”, and is outstanding at turning our knowledge into effective copy. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”
“Maven Collective Marketing has provided Single Digit Labs with outstanding value. They are the complete package of expert marketing consultants. We recommend their services wholeheartedly and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”
Single Digit Labs - Website Development and Website Design Client

Artur Pawlak
Founder, Single Digit Labs

“My only hesitation in recommending Erica Hakonson at Maven Collective Marketing comes from my fear that others will discover how talented she is and Neural Impact will have less of her time.”
Neural Impact - Website Design and Website Development Client

Mark Stuyt
CEO, Neural Impact

1ClickFactory - B2B Content Marketing Client

Sandra Matuleviciute
Marketing Manager, 1ClickFactory

“Our content quality has moved to the next level. The Maven’s background in IT industry enables us to ‘speak the same language’ and gives a speed in quickly understanding our needs and delivering high-quality results.”
“We needed a Brand Management Professional that knew his/her way around the digital, emotional and customer experience. Erica at Maven Collective Marketing came highly recommended to us and didn’t miss a beat. We were working against a short timeline to make a solid recommendation to our Executive Team and Board of Directors and she met and exceeded our milestones and expectations in full. I’d highly recommend working Erica and will be eager to work with her again whenever possible.”
BSM Technologies - B2B Brand Value Assessment Client

Mike Cornford? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Director of Marketing,
BSM Technologies

Join Our Many Happy B2B Clients

PowerObjects - B2B Lead Generation Client
Microsoft Corporation - B2B Email Marketing Client
Intranet Connections - B2B PPC Advertising Client
NexTec Group - B2B Content Marketing Client
Neural Impact - B2B Website Design and Development Client
BONZAI - B2B Marketing Strategy & B2B SEO Website Client
PowerObjects - B2B Lead Generation Client
“We worked with Maven Collective Marketing over the course of several months while my company was trying to build out a new web property at a very rapid pace. They helped us brainstorm, outline, and write several ebooks that are the core lead generation pieces on the site, sometimes on an extremely tight timeline. Maven Collective Marketing was absolutely great to work with! They were always very professional, always had fun and creative ideas, and never missed a beat.”
“Our experience with Maven Collective Marketing was exceptional from start to finish. They were very professional and responsive throughout our website development process and completed their work on schedule. Their knowledge helped shape our ideas into a modern website which we continually receive compliments about. The Founder, Erica Hakonson, is talented at conveying messages in straightforward and marketable fashion. I would highly recommend working with Maven Collective Marketing.”
Easthill Endodontics - Website Development and Website Design Client

Ryan McNamara D.D.S.
Owner/Founder, Easthill Endodontics

CloudSpeed - B2B Content Marketing Client

Dana Willmer
Principal, CloudSpeed

“Erica at Maven Collective Marketing is one of those rare people you meet in business who possess capabilities far beyond their years. Bright, reliable, energetic, a very quick study, capable of motivating others no matter where in the organization. A total pleasure to work with.”


Immediately after our first webinar marketed and facilitated by Maven Collective Marketing, we set up a discovery call with a webinar attendee. These are the immediate results we appreciate seeing working with the Maven Collective Marketing team.”

David Jones, Sales Consultant, Codesigned

Yaroslav Pentarsarskyy, Founder, Sharemuch Software Corporation

In less than a month of managing our social media accounts, Maven Collective Marketing produced immediate results including engaging with our Twitter audience to book a demo directly with us in just a matter of weeks. These marketing professionals are results driven and deliver time after time.