Client Case Story: Steeves and Associates

The Client

Established in 1992, Steeves and Associates is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Cloud Productivity, Data Center, Cloud Platform and Enterprise Mobility Management. As the 1st Microsoft Cloud Partner in Canada Steeves and Associates stands as an early adopter and implementer of Microsoft technologies with a reputation for innovation, quality, and seasoned expertise.

Steeves and Associates engaged Maven Collective Marketing to help them define their digital marketing strategy and establish a rhythmic marketing cadence to deliver valuable information, resources and tools to their existing customers while informing prospective customers of their skills and expertise.

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Dave Steeves - B2B Content Marketing Client

Dave Steeves,
Steeves and Associates

“Maven Collective is fantastic to work with and know Digital Marketing cold.
YoY has taken us from 500-1000% increase in various traffic measurements. An absolute pleasure to work with. Works well with our internal team and vendors to make things happen! We were stuck until we engaged Maven Collective. “

The Challenge

Steeves and Associates was stuck in a commodity market with stale growth and unclear brand differentiation.
Steeves and Associates have vast experience and credibility as an organization, but were struggling to communicate this effectively to establish themselves as a market leader for Enterprise Technology Services.

Steeves and Associates were ready to grow their business and knew they needed a robust marketing strategy to do so effectively.

The Services

SEO Content Marketing Strategy + Execution
Email and Nurture Marketing Strategy + Execution
Partner Channel Engagement + Communication
Event Marketing and Conference Marketing Strategy + Execution
Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy + Execution
Lead Generation Strategy + Execution
CMO for Hire
Partner Marketing Strategy + Execution
Website Content Re-architect + Re-build SEO Content
Microsoft Partner Channel Optimized Listings (Azure Marketplace, OCP, AppSource)

The Solution

Steeves and Associates engage Maven Collective Marketing help them define a structured digital marketing strategy that would help them deliver valuable and informative content to their clients, while attracting prospective customers with a strong SEO content marketing strategy.

Concurrently, Steeves and Associates wanted to stay credible and authoritative as Microsoft 1st Cloud Partner in Canada, which Maven Collective Marketing has helped materialize through consistent partner channel marketing communications, event marketing, social media marketing and email nurture marketing.

Today, Steeves and Associates has boosted their website traffic, strengthened their brand messaging and consistently attracts and nurtures clients to enhance their many years of brand loyalty.

The Results = Outcomes

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“We’ve been working with Maven Collective for several months and I always find Erica to be a consummate professional. She has helped us greatly with our marketing efforts and is an incredibly valuable resource!
I highly recommend Maven Collective.”
Steeves and Associates - B2B Content Marketing Vancouver

Bruce Piper,
Solutions Architect,
Steeves and Associates