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The B2B Buyer Journey is No Longer Linear

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Do you truly understand your buyer’s journey?

While we plan for a straight line from website visit through final purchase, the buyer journey for most of your customers looks more like a ball of yarn than a direct path. How can you cater to this?

Leading the Non-Linear Buyer

Request a Buyer Journey Website & Lead Nurture Audit to find how you can improve your:

  • Overall Website Traffic

    How to drive more traffic and visitors to your website.

  • Overall Conversion Rates

    How to optimize your website to generate more leads.

  • Overall Buyers' Journey

    How to adapt your journey to the non-linear buyer.

We’ve worked with B2B software companies, just like you, to transform their overall buyers’ journey to drive more traffic and leads to their website as well as nurture more leads into actual customers.

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“Bright, reliable, energetic, a very quick study, capable of motivating others no matter where in the organization. A total pleasure to work with.”

— Dana Willmer
Principal, CloudSpeed

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Why Maven Collective Marketing

Maven Collective was born out of our insatiable passion for all aspects of marketing. We work with Business-to-Business (B2B) software organizations, just like you, and perhaps a few larger than your business, such as the Microsoft Corporation, to transform and improve their marketing strategy and practices to measurably improve their results. Test our knowledge, experience and results today!

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